Adopt an Adult Rabbit

... and Bypass the Monster Stage

Baby bunnies want to be held and cuddled because they have been taken from their mothers and siblings. They need warmth and companionship at that point in their lives. So, they will snuggle into your arms and fall asleep. When they stretch, their little claws are still small and soft and do not yet hurt. They may even lick you because that’s what they would do with their mother or siblings. They’re tiny creatures, perhaps small enough to fit in your hand.

This is a wonderful, adorable stage. Unfortunately, it lasts only two or three weeks, never to return.

Baby bunnies have less awareness of their prey status than older rabbits. As they grow and their little brains develop, they begin to realize that other animals intend to eat them; when that happens, the majority of rabbits no longer want to be held; they want *down*. At this teenage stage, rabbits begin rapidly growing. Their intake of food and output of bunny poop increases dramatically, and they feel the need to “mark” their territory rather than use the litter box. Their claws become stronger and cannot be retracted, like a cat’s, so when they struggle to be put down, they may accidentally scratch you. If they feel frightened, they may bite. They test boundaries and their teeth on many treasured objects in your home. The baby who loved people may turn skittish, or bossy, or hate other rabbits. Even babies raised gently by hand turn into completely different animals. This spawn-of-Satan phase lasts for a few weeks to a few months, depending on how soon you can rush them to a rabbit-savvy veterinarian to get them safely neutered.

Fortunately, the average adult, neutered domestic rabbit has excellent house habits. Adult rabbits are what they seem to be, and don’t deceive you into thinking they will stay one way and then turn into someone else later on. Each one has a distinctive personality that is worthy of love.

So instead of looking for a baby bunny, adopt from rabbit rescue organizations like Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation, where we help match your home and lifestyle with our unique adult rabbits. All our rabbits are neutered, litterbox-trained, microchipped and vaccinated prior to adoption to make them the best possible bunnies for your home.