What a handsome black rabbit he's turned out to be! Still a bit traumatized after all he's been through in the back yard with the other rabbits, he needs a quiet, gentle household to continue his recovery.

Toupee got his name following a strange incident at the vet hospital. Back in the yard he came from, he'd been attacked by a predator or another rabbit, infection set in, his skin turned necrotic, and over the next couple of weeks his back began to rise! At that point, he was in an animal shelter. We bailed him and the next day, took him to our veterinarian. While our vet was examining him, he struggled wildly and a big chunk of scalp with hair attached flew off his back and into the air. We have photos.

He's neutered, vaccinated for RHDV2, litter box trained and trying to be brave around people. He no longer trusts other rabbits.
Bunny Bondability: Very Difficult Age: Young / Middle Adult
All our rabbits are neutered, currently vaccinated for RHDV2, and microchipped

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