Little 3.8 lb Petra was abandoned and found running in the street near a freeway onramp at the beginning of June. Despite her rough start, she loves people and is friendly, calm, smart and funny, loves head scratches, chinning everything and exploring. Cilantro is her favorite food.

Fun fact: she is a magical color-changing bunny (markings get lighter in summer, darker in winter).

She also has several gold medals in flopping and lounging.

She has some teeth issues, likely from an improper diet before she was rescued, but the foster family's working on getting her teeth taken care of. So far, they have had her vaccinated for RHDV2, spayed and groomed (bottom shave – her bottom was stained and matted when we found her, like she had been kept somewhere small where she couldn’t get out of her own mess – it was very sad).

From her foster family:
She’s been gracefully dealing with cats, kids and chaos. She loves being petted. And she has good litter box habits. We hope she can find a special someone (and a somebun) who has a calmer home and a carpet for binkies!

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Bunny Bondability: Unknown Age: Unknown (Adult)
All our rabbits are neutered, currently vaccinated for RHDV2, and microchipped

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