Big, round Peppermint was in the public shelters for two whole years and got quite zaftig before we bailed her and got her into a foster home. At first, she wanted nothing to do with other rabbits. Then she met equally round, lovable Buddha Bun, who taught her about bunny love. Here is the video of them sharing salad. Ever since then, she's wanted a bunny husbun. When Buddha passed away a couple years after that, Peppermint bonded quickly with a difficult little elderbun named Benny. Now that Benny has passed away, she's available to bond with another rabbit. We think she's a good candidate to be friends with a lonely adult or mature rabbit. If you have a single gentlebun looking for love and can give her the space she needs to keep in shape, please let us know!

Peppermint is spayed, vaccinated for RHDV2, litter box trained and has a healthy appetite. Adopt Me