Lord Marmalade

UPDATE: Marmalade has grown up into an amazing rabbit! He gives his caretaker kisses. What a sweet orange bunlet he has turned out to be.

History: Marmalade was born in a back yard, one of many bunnies in a litter. The irresponsible humans who owned his parents then gave him and his brother, unaltered and unvaccinated, to a neighbor. They did not provide proper information on rabbit care and did not explain that unaltered males will fight as they mature. Sure enough, Marmalade and his brother started fighting at about 2 months of age. When the neighbor found out that rabbits cost money and require exotic veterinary care, she did the right thing and surrendered him to an animal shelter, where he was neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. After being adopted from the shelter to live with an older ladybun who has since passed away, he's now looking for a new home, preferably with another rabbit, if not right away, down the line. He's had trouble accepting a new bunny friend after everything he's been through.

He's a tad overweight right now (some of us eat extra when we're lonely) but will slim down once he finds happiness with another rabbit or in a home were he gets more attention and is put on a limited-pellet diet.

Here is his baby photo:

Marmalade is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to go home. Adopt Me