Mar Vista Rabbits

In late 2019, we rescued a large group of rabbits from a back yard in Mar Vista (West Los Angeles jurisdiction). Please help us find fosters and donations to cover continuing care for these rabbits.

Over 200 rabbits were in one yard, with no protection from predators. Raccoons were killing and maiming the rabbits, the rabbits fought because they were not neutered, injured one another, and did not receive veterinary care. The owner periodically took rabbits to pet stores and slaughterhouses to "get rid of" them, but refused to neuter them to keep the population down. We found skulls with overgrown teeth, indicating that rabbits died of starvation.

Now all the rabbits we rescued have been neutered and vaccinated for RHDV2, and are ready to go to their forever homes. Most have been adopted as of the end of 2020. There are a few pairs and special needs medical cases still available for adoption.

Zaurie & Jojo



Pickles & Miso