Soot Sprite

Soot Sprite is living proof that no matter how cute you are, you could still be abandoned. Why?! Maybe his people got tired of combing out knots in his fur. Maybe they had to give him up for reasons beyond their control, but... there is NO EXCUSE for dumping a rabbit in the Great Outdoors to face a cruel death from predators, poisoning, or rabbit hemorrhagic disease. Animal shelters exist for a reason! Luckily for Sooty, a kind human found him in the nick of time and brought him indoors and contacted us to help find bunny a safe, humane and committed home; and that's what we're going to do.

At just 2.8 lbs of bunny fluff, Sooty is simply adorable; but be aware that he'll need frequent combing to keep tangle-free. We just gave him a haircut and trimmed all the knots out, and we recommend that anyone who adopts him keep his hair short for bunny's comfort and to make hair care much easier. Soot Sprite has been neutered, vet-checked and vaccinated, and is ready to go home! We think he's a youngish adult, done growing but with years of love and life ahead.
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