Sasha & Not Sasha

Sasha and Not Sasha are an adorable Dwarf house bunny pair, just looking for someone to give them food, attention, and admire them for being themselves. They are definitely NOT "cuddle bunnies," but how many rabbits are? They don't exist to do things for us. We are supposed to be caring for them! Sasha, the bigger girl, weighs 3.5 lbs, while her husbun Not Sasha with the peapod ears and tan ticking—Mama was a tiny tan Netherland Dwarf, papa a black and white Dutch Dwarf—weighs just 3 lbs, and he's just a bit round. They are now 4 and 5 years old, "middle-age" for rabbits. Both are good house bunnies, use their litter box and do well on a Ruggable—they are not especially chewy. For experienced rabbit caretakers only because of occasional (not frequent) GI stasis episodes and nips.

Available for adoption only. They already have a foster home.

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