Jolene's Family

From the Emergency Foster Mom:
We used the carrot from the cardboard box that was sitting next to her in this random front yard in East Hollywood to lure her closer to us. I instantly noticed how heavy she was for her tiny body when I picked her up and wrapped her in my jacket. It was the end of December and chilly. Only two days later, she started pulling her hair out to build a nest in my shower, where we were quarantining her for the next month. Thank God we found her, as the nights were down in the 30s that week. No weather for a pregnant mama bun, or newborn babies.

On December 23rd at 6 am, I found her in labor. She gave birth to three beautiful boys. Mama (Jolene) is a black and white Dutch, Parton a brown and white Dutch, Kilian, a Himalayan, and then white and grey Finneas. They don't look like they are related but they sure act like a family. So much love! Update: Mama Jolene decided it's time to kick the babies out of the nest, so she's available for adoption by herself! But her little ones all get along.

They are vaccinated and fixed and ready to find a home. Anyone looking for a beautiful Dutch bunny or a tiny bunny herd of their own, please let us know by clicking on the Adopt Us link below! Adopt Us