Update: Gojo went on a few dates with bunny girls and it turns out he needs bunny love! So his foster parents and the Board have decided that he has to be adopted to a home with another rabbit. She would have to be spayed and vaccinated for RHDV2, but of course.

Gojo is EXTREMELY popular! We're getting many applications for him. If you're one of the applicants, know that we're sifting through and finding him the best possible situation for him, which isn't going to be easy! It's heartening to see that care standards have risen to the extent that we get fewer and fewer people applying to keep rabbits in inhumane conditions—that used to be the norm.

Our bouncy bunny boy has already become a volunteer favorite. He knows no boundaries: wherever you are, that's where he wants to be. Gojo has been neutered, vaccinated for RHDV2, microchipped, and litterbox trained. Here's another photo of him at adoptions:

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