This spirited yet affectionate little bun with a big chest hails from South LA public animal shelter and before that, who knows? Don't we all know how hard it is for the white-pink bunnies? She found a home through our mobile adoptions, pending bonding with another rabbit. They didn't bond, and she was returned to us. Then she went to another foster home, where they would have kept her, IF she had bonded with their bunny....

A year has passed and the humans have been very patient. But they want to travel now and visit elderly relatives, and with Frosty to take care of (or pay an extra sitter for), it's getting to be a real burden. We think Frosty's quite the character and we want to find that perfect home with either no rabbit at all, a gentle house cat, or a rabbit in a separate room. Seems rabbit marriage is not her thing! Click on that Adopt button if you think she'd be a match for you.
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