Single rabbit girl here, looking for bunny love! She's a people bunny, too! She even kissed her foster mom once.

Pretty blue-grey Dawn and her stepsister Sunrise were found as 10-week-old babies thrown into an alley in a tiny rusted birdcage. She is a young, healthy adult with lots of life and love to give for years to come. She's vet-checked, spayed, vaccinated and more than ready for the next chapter in her life with a committed and loving human family. Update October 2021: We're sad about it, but for Dawn's safety, the two stepsisters had to be separated. Dawn always ran from Sunrise instead of fighting, but struggling to get a share of the food led to her having choking incidents, and we barely managed to save her using the bunny heimlich. We feel she needs a more gentle partner who give her the love she needs without the constant chasing. She definitely does need a bunny friend.

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