Update: We have a LOT of applications for this cute guy! We're going to be taking him on dates with other rabbits first. If it turns out he doesn't want to be friends with another bunny, we'll then start working through the "single bunny" applications. How nice for Beignet to have so many admirers!

Adorable Beignet has to find a new home in the next few months. He has everything going for him: good looks, youth (birthday 3/13/20), and excellent house habits! What a love.
From his foster mom: Beignet is very friendly and calm! Has a very social, curious personality. He loves to be pet and snuggled, and "kisses" all the time by licking. His favorite treats are fresh flowers, arugula, and kale. He is litterbox trained, neutered, and vaccinated for RHDV2. 

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