Noelle & Lucas

Bonded Pairs

UPDATE 1/1/19: Noelle and Lucas have decided they want to spend the rest of their lives together!

Meet Noelle, an adorable Lop, Lionhead, and English Spot blend. She was abandoned in a park after Christmas 2017. How anyone could do such a thing to a bunny so cute and adoptable is beyond us!
Now Noelle is being returned because the other bunny she was bonded to passed away… so she’ll be looking for a new home starting Nov. 18. Poor bunny girl needs a stable home environment, we’re hoping she can find one right away!

A soft, lovable fellow, Lucas has since his rescue from the Great Outdoors felt safe enough to relax around humans and happily receive head pats and cheek rubs for hours. He would be an excellent candidate for a free roaming house rabbit, since he has impeccable litter habits. Lucas has been vet checked, neutered and is ready for his forever home. Will it be with you?