Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is run by unpaid volunteers. Your donations will directly pay for operations, food, supplies for shelter and foster rabbits, and educational materials.

Donate Now Via

Other ways you can donate:

  • Volunteer your time
  • Foster a bunny
  • Send a check to “Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation,” P.O. Box 252124, Los Angeles, CA 90025. Please use our legal name and our FEIN number, 20-4666808, when making any charitable contributions to our organization. Thank you!

Please contact us for information on how to donate the following items:

  • Litter boxes for shelter rabbits
  • Exercise (puppy) pens in good condition
  • Gallon jugs of white vinegar
  • Kennel banks for shelter rabbits
  • Toys for shelter rabbits
  • Heavy crocks for water


Ralphs Community Contribution Program

Please sign up for the Ralphs Club Community Contribution program and help the rabbits. It’s FREE for you and it means a lot to us! Ralph’s requires you to renew your contribution assignment annually.

How to sign Up

  • Log in to
  • Click on ‘Create an Account’
  • Follow the 5 easy steps to create an online account
  • You will be instructed to go to your email inbox to confirm your account
  • After you confirm your online account by clicking on the link in your email, return to and click on ‘my account’ (you may have to sign in again first).
  • View all your information and edit as necessary
  • Link your card to your organization by clicking on:
    • Community Rewards
    • Edit my community contribution and follow the instructions
    • Remember to click on the circle to the left of your organizations’ name, Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation. Our number is 90794.

Remember to swipe your card every time you shop at Ralph’s, and you’ll help us raise money for the bunnies! Thank you!