June 15, 2017

Adopt an Adult Rabbit and Bypass the Monster Stage

The Baby Stage Baby bunnies want to be held and cuddled because they have been taken from their mothers and siblings. They need warmth and companionship at that point in their lives. So, they will snuggle into your arms and fall asleep. When they stretch, their little claws are still small and soft and do …Read More

March 26, 2017

Easter and Rabbits Don’t Mix!

  In this year’s Easter season advisory, Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation reminds the public that real baby rabbits, chicks and ducklings make poor Easter presents. If you are tempted to buy a real rabbit for the Easter basket, please reconsider. The typical “Easter bunnies” sold illegally on the streets or in pet stores are tiny …Read More

August 24, 2016

Hay, You! Here’s a contest!

Update: the contest is now closed! Thanks for voting! Small Pet Select is a small family-owned business that is dedicated to providing high quality timothy hay and pellets. Recently they decided they wanted to not only give back rabbit lovers in general but even more importantly give something back to rabbit rescues! Right now they are hosting a Rabbit Rescue & Name Contest …Read More

August 9, 2016

August Fundraiser: Flat Bonnie!

Adopt flat bonnie and friends! A portion of August sales will be donated to the Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation!  

March 20, 2016

Bunnies on a Budget

Rabbits are not inexpensive companion animals, especially in the city. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on everyday care to be a good bunny parent. Here are some ways to save money on bunnies and to plan for unexpected costs. Use coupons. When you adopt a rabbit, you may get a coupon to …Read More

March 19, 2016

Five Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Rabbit

Note: “Neuter” can refer to operations on either male or female rabbits. “Spay” refers only to females. 1. Overpopulation There are thousands of homeless rabbits in the Los Angeles area alone. In addition to the large number of rabbits checked into Southern California animal shelters, there are dumped populations of rabbits in parks, airports, and …Read More